The aim of PYE is to unite National youth ministries in Pentecostal Movements of Europe, and reach the youth of Europe with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Some burning questions
  • How can we reach the youth of Europe with the Gospel?
  • How can we stand together reaching our Nations for Jesus?
  • How can we see strategies develop that effectively and sustainably can disciple the next generation?
  • How can we make sure the spirit filled life and “the Pentecostal mandate” is something that permeates the Christian Youth of Europe
  • What is our greatest challenge in fulfilling the task ahead of us?
The purpose of PYE
  • To provide a vision for Europe – not just for our Nations or local Churches
  • Share insights / knowledge and experiences that would strengthen the National Youth groups in the local Church
  • Unite key Spirit-filled Pentecostal youth leaders
  • A place of prayer and spiritual ministry where youth directors / leaders with national influence also are ministered to – in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Focus Areas
  • Healthy Youth ministry
  • Schools and Universities
  • Missions and evangelism
  • Leadership development
  • Media