ARMENIA - Artur Aghekyan

We live in capital city Yerevan which is 2802 years old (29 years older than Rome). We represent Evangelical church Vernatun, the name means ``upper room`` (Act 1:13). Function in church - Youth Leader, about 100 active youths.

AUSTRIA - Daniel Kostig

Leader of Shake Youth Austria (Pentecostal Youth Movement)

BELGIUM - Janny Vanquaillie

I am youthworker and coördinator of PJV (Pinkster Jeugd Vlaanderen) in Belgium. PJV is the pentecostal youth movement from Flanders, Belgium.

BULGARIA - Traycho Stefanov

Being part of Pentecostal Assemblies of Bulgaria, I am responsible for the youth work on a national basis in our denomination. For 20 years me and my wife have coordinated the National youth movement called “New Wave”. We have been leading a church for 13 years now. We’ve worked with youth for more than 25 years, taking young people on mission trips and outreaches in various countries across the Balkans as well as in our own country.

BULGARIA - Delyan Plachkov

From Asenovgrad, Bulgaria. My ministry at the local church is youth leader. We are part of the National Alliance of United Churches of God. Our church name is: Christian Center `` Christ is our righteousness ``.

CROATIA - Petra Bohall

Member of the board for work with teenagers and young adults for the Evangelical pentecostal church of Croatia EPC - Evangelical pentecostal church, Croatia


Apostolic church - AoG Czech. I lead youth ministry in the country. We run several projects - education and coaching, school mission, summer camps, youth conference. We have 55 churches, 40 youth groups, 9-10.000 members We are working with 1500 people between 10-25.

ENGLAND - Andy Smith

Youth Director - Audacious Church Manchester - AOG UK

ESTONIA - Maria Metsamaa

Youth leader from a Pentecostal Church EKNK Toompea Kogudus from Tallinn Estonia

FINLAND - Juha Lehtonen - Fida International

My name is Juha Lehtonen and my title in Fida International is manager for church relations. Fida is Finnish Pentecostal mission organization. My main responsibilities in Fida are 1) mobilizing the young generation in missions, 2) sending processes with churches, 3) national events.

FINLAND - Timo Raassina

I am a youth pastor from Finland, and member of a national youth ministry committee in the Pentecostal denomination.

GERMANY - Markus Gold

National Youth Leader - Church of God in Germany (Gemeinde Gottes Deutschland).

GERMANY - Florian Fuerst

ONE Movement Germany Youthwork of BFP Germany

GREECE - Peter & Bora Demetriades. Evangelical Charismatic fellowship of Greece.

Peter and Bora Demetriades, from the Apostolic church Thessaloniki are the Youth Pastors of the church. They are also the worship pastor’s of the same church. Their heart for unity has brought them to organise Youth worship events all over north Greece, called Together. They are pioneering in bringing many youth groups all over Greece together for the gospel. They are currently part of the Evangelical charismatic fellowship through the role they have in their church.

GREECE - George Iordanidis

My wife Katerina and me are both teachers and work in the Greek public primary school, as the chairman of our Synod wrote. We live in Kavala (Neapolis) and we have the honor to lead our youth in Greece. I am a member of the pastoral team of our church in Kavala and with other three pastors we serve the churches in four cities of our country.

HUNGARY - Krisztina Révész

I'm the base leader at The Awakening International Base in Hungary. Our organization is called The Awakening and we belong to the World Missions Ministries of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church.

HUNGARY - Ádám Szennai

Christeens (national ministry for teenagers)

HUNGARY - Viktor Szennai

Christeens (national ministry for teenagers)

HUNGARY - Rolf Prekopa

Christeens (national ministry for teenagers)

IRELAND - Samuel Corcoran

Samuel Corcoran is the Location Pastor of Lighthouse Navan and is married to Sara. Together they have three beautiful daughters: Hazel-Grace, Zoe & Isabella. Sam youth pastored at Lighthouse for over 5 years and now has the privilege of being the National Youth Director of Assemblies of God Ireland. Sam loves to help leaders grow, and help people grow into their extra ordinary purpose. Sam also loves a good cup of coffee and decent game of golf.

KOSOVO - Alban Krasniqi

I come from a muslim background, in 2006 I got to know Jesus as Lord and Savion of my life through a youth Camp. From 2007 I have been involved in different ministries, mainly with Youth and Children. I am working full time on church planting and on the same time leading youth ministry as a National youth Leader.

PORTUGAL - Ricardo Rosa

I’m part of the National YM Coordination for the Portuguese AoG’s and NextGen Europe Secretary.

ROMANIA - Marian Nastase

My name is Marian Nastase and I’m senior Pastor to SOS Church in Ploiesti since 2002. Also I’m working to SOS Radio Ploiesti, a christian Radio who broadcast 24/7. The Radio itself has 25 years of broadcasting the message of the Gospel. Also, I’m the Youth Director in Assembly of God, Romania. I’m married with my wife Cristina(21 years) and we have a boy, Andrew, 15 years old.

SERBIA - Aleksandar (Sasha) Vitakic

I am Pastor of Lighthouse Church in Kraljevo and Chachak (it’s pentecostal church), that my wife Sara and I planted, with believers in six more cities in central Serbia. Our vision is to reach central Serbia for Christ, one of the least evangelised regions of Europe with many cities an town with no any evangelical church whatsoever. Our church on Kraljevo and Chachak is still the only evangelical church in those cities. We are reaching and discipling all people, including young people. In my past I have served also as a youth leader. I am also member of National leadership team of Pentecostal Movement in Serbia.

UK & IRELAND - Tim Alford

Tim Alford, Director of Limitless, the National Youth and Children’s Ministry of the Elim Pentecostal Church in the UK and Ireland.